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Learning & Academic Resource Centre

This is for the above average or below average students as they need more attention from the tutor for their satisfaction. Students are taught individually and separately. Its cost is higher (almost double) than other tuition services. Availability of this service is subject to the availability of the teacher and his free time.

One to One tuition

Admission Test Preparation

Group Tuition

Getting Admission in leading schools, such as Aitchison College, Lawrence College, Cadet College, Learning Alliance, Convent of Jesus and Mary etc., also require an assessment test of the core subjects according to their syllabus and paper pattern. We at Studyzone offer a dedicated and result oriented tuition for the Admission tests of the above mentioned.

Our group tutorials are in small groups of minimum 5 students of the same class and same school. These tutorials are individually based, they are not class structured, allowing tutors to provide individual assistance to each student as required. It is the most economical package.

One to One Group tuition

Our One to One Group tuition services are suitable for the children of different schools and of different classes. They work in a small group in which we provide individual attention to every child according to his/her needs. It is economical and suitable for average students.

Weekend Workshops

On weekends Studyzone Offers free workshops for English, Urdu and Maths. These workshops are designed to improve the basics or fundamental concepts of these core subjects. Reservation is required for every session. Since seats are limited so admission is subject to the availability of vacancy.

Resource Centre

We have extensive resources available to assist students with their education. Some of these resources include tuition notes, worked examples, exercises, and past exam papers. The centre also has its own library of textbooks and educational software to give students wider exposure to explanation of theory, examples, and exam style questions. Moreover Photo copier, Printer and Internet access is also available.

Day Schooling

Mock Test Sessions

To improve the Results at school or to assess a child before the Exam we offer mock test sessions. These sessions help us to improve the time management skills of a child and highlight the areas where the student is lacking. They are very beneficial for the peak performance of a child in the exams.

Home Tuition

We provide home tutors for your convenience if you are unable to send your child to our centre due to unavailability of transport or other reason. Though Home tuition is not recommended we surely try to provide you the most suitable teacher according to your needs.  

Online Tutoring

Students who live far away from our centre may avail this facility. We use Skype or Whatsapp Facility to teach our students.

Summer Camp

Summer camp (May 15 till July 15) is the most valuable time for the students to learn about their week areas without being tired and learn the concepts of the upcoming class in advance.  This not only helps them to be a star student of the class but also makes them confident in the class. Moreover in summer camp we offer homework completion classes along with other fun activities for an enjoyable experience in summer.

Students who has come from abroad or students lacking behind of their age or class due to HIFZ or some illness may join this session in the morning hours to boost up their core subjects (English, Urdu, Maths, Science) skills to get admission in any good school that require assessment  test for the admission in a required suitable class.