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42-F, Defence, Lahore 

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Having more than 12 years experience in Defence Lahore, LARC Study Zone (A premier tuition centre of Lahore ) offers a unique quality tutoring for Exams and Admission Test Preparation of several leading educational institutions in Pakistan including; Aitchison College, Learning Alliance, LGS Defence, LGS 55 Main, LGS 1A1, LGS JT, LGS Paragon, City School, Beaconhouse School System, LACAS, SICAS, and Lahore Alma in a comfortable and conducive to learn environment where the students can surely maintain discipline, improve grades and concentration via individual attention, Special Notes and frequent Tests.

Aitchison College Admission test Info
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Pre Kindy for the toddlers seeking admission in schools

We Provide Tuition Services for the following Best Schools

  • Aitchison College
  • Learning Alliance
  • Beacon House
  • LGS
  • Choueifat
  • Scarsdale


  • Do you want your children to do better at school?
  • Do you want them to get the best results possible in their tests and exams?
  • Do you want them to realise their full potential in their future lives and careers?
           Then the one word answer for all these questions is  StudyZone
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